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Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA | Combining great taste & sensational fragrance

Bell Flavors & Fragrances to Offer Encapsulation Benefits free of Plastics

Laundry care technology is developing rapidly: As the growing trend towards convenience meets the rising demand for specialised products, quality and functionality are key to modern product design. Bell Flavors & Fragrances developed a plastic-free fragrance delivery system that offers added value both in production and for consumers. The Bell MikroBurst system promises a qualitative boost in fragrances for laundry care in terms of intensity, substantivity and means of targeted release.


Putting Scent in the Limelight

During the whole process of doing laundry, it is scent that plays the crucial role in how the product is perceived. It is not only the washing that has to be taken into account when developing modern fragrance delivery systems, but also the storage, wearing, and physical feel of the clothing.

The special particle structure of Bell MikroBurst does not only allow an above-average dosage of perfume oil. It also protects the valuable ingredient within and thus ensures a constant fragrance release. These properties provide advantages both for the production and distribution process of laundry care products, as well as for consumer use: the fragrance composition stays in its protected form until being activated. This happens either when warmth is applied during washing or wearing, or when pressure is applied while dressing. In this way, manufacturers avoid not only evaporation processes during production and storage, but undesirable interactions with other ingredients are also circumvented and the product's shelf life can be extended.

mother with child smelling fresh laundry

The plastic-free Alternative

Besides the known frangible capsules that release the fragrance upon pressure – and which usually contain certain amounts of plastics, Bell Flavors & Fragrances offers another delivery system which releases the fragrance gradually for a long time and is completely free from plastics and formaldehyds.

If manufacturers combine these patented „non-breakable“ particles with classic perfume oil for instance in a fabric softener, the consumer benefits twice from the fragrance: the perfume oil's top-note already unfolds in the store when the fragrance is first sniffed. Then the heart and base notes emerge both during the washing process and when the laundry is lifted out of the machine. The encapsulated perfume oil further unfolds during the laundry drying phase. Just like with the classic fragile capsules, the scent can still be smelled when the clothes are worn – but the fragrance is long-lasting and more discreet.

These release mechanisms create valuable opportunities for creative product design. For instance, free perfume oil and scented particles can transport the same fragrance and reinforce each other. But there is also the possibility to combine different fragrances with each other and to play, for example, with contrasting scents and thus broadening the creative horizon for laundry care products.


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